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Welcome at the Breeden Steeger farm
Noël Colpaert The Breeden Steeger farm is an active mixed agriculture firm. This farm was bought in 1958 by Sylveer Colpaert, the father of the current farm manager. In the sixties the farm housed both chickens and meat calves, suckler cows, dairy cows and pigs. Because of the evolution in the entire farming culture, caused by the abominable European agricultural politics based on the low third world trade prices, quota, subsidies, concessions, quality, quantity, we had to limit our number of animals to 2, namely pigs and suckler cows.
While travelling we got to know Zimmer frei / chambre d'hôte or bed & breakfast at farmers in different countries and that is why we decided to try this too in Flanders. The 'old house', of which the style was preserved, was transformed into a contemporary and modern holiday accommodation with modern rooms. Since I had been interested in languages for quite a while I have been attending evening classes, first English and later also French and German and now even Italian and Russian. This comes in quite useful now. But ... learning another language and switching every single day from English to German and Dutch, Italian or French ... sometimes it becomes too difficult, even for a modern farmer.

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      Breeden Steeger hoeve  Oude Bruggenweg 33  Lichtervelde (Belgium)  T +32496305396   BTW BE 0532.892.363 Dutch  French  German  Italian  Russian  Spanish